Desktop Solutions

In a highly competitive environment, businesses need every help they can get to jump ahead of their rivals. They must hire the best talent they can find, take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way, and make use of available technologies. New innovations come out every year and those that are able to wield them gain strategic advantage. These have the potential to increase operational efficiency and make tasks easier than before. Of course, they also require a significant investment. The trick is to find pieces of technology that provide a good cost-benefit ratio.

What are virtual hosted desktops?

A good example of this is the so-called virtual hosted desktop or VHD. It is a user interface stored in a cloud that can be accessed remotely. Both the data and the applications reside in the servers, not inside the computer itself or the company's own network. The terminals used to open these virtual machines are nothing more than shells with input and output functions. Much of the computing load and the storage requirements are shouldered by the cloud. Despite these differences, the experience should be as seamless as if the all data and apps were local.

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How Can It Benefit Businesses?

VHD is often delivered by tech companies through subscription called desktop as a service or DaaS, similar to the more popular Software as a Service or SaaS model. At first glance, it might seem as if they are merely adding another layer of abstraction to an already complicated setup. The truth is that they offer quite a number of benefits to the users. For example, the service providers will be the ones ensuring that there is enough storage capacity, computing power, and network security. Businesses no longer have to worry about these things or shell out additional money for each.

DaaS also includes routine backups to prevent data loss. Once information has been stored in the cloud, it will be protected from loss or corruption thanks to multiple copies in various locations. In contrast, data that is merely kept locally can easily be lost forever. Those who wish to protect sensitive data should consider this service. Another advantage is the periodic upgrades provided as part of the package. There will be less pressure for businesses to purchase new computers and servers every few years. After all, most of the number-crunching happens elsewhere. Maintaining a reliable Internet connection is enough.

What Other Technologies Should Businesses Look Into?

Beyond virtual hosted desktops, businesses should also consider other IT solutions to increase their competitiveness. Once of the basics is e-commerce. Given the record number of physical store closures, it is becoming apparent that the future of retail is online. It simply makes sense with the lower cost of operations and greater availability. Blockchain is another big buzzword. It started out as the backbone technology of cyptocurrencies but now it is beginning to turn heads in other industries. Soon there will be plenty of applications using blockchain to improve redundancy, capacity, and security.